The Zippo Constantine – A Custom Made Gem

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The Zippo Constantine is one of the hundreds of beautiful custom designed lighters made by the Zippo Manufacturing Company in its 77 year history. The Zippo Company has made custom lighter cases representing thousands of different subjects over the years. Some of the subjects have been Hollywood celebrities, sports, animals, musicians, bands, military heroes, military insignia, good luck signs, funny sayings and promotional lighters for individual companies. All these cases and many, many more have graced the more than 400,000,000 Zippo lighters sold since 1933.

The Zippo Constantine flameless lighter got its name because the lighter case is made in the style of the Byzantine art from the era of the Emperor Constantine. The case is available in four different types of metal: brass, silver, copper and gold leaf. It is covered with an intricate design that mimics the detailed carved filigree combined with the religious themes common to Byzantine … Read More

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