Investing in Your Health With Natural Products for Optimal Living

As Certified Aromatherapists, my partner, Robert, and I conduct consultations with clients about their health needs and how the use of therapeutic-grade essential oils can help them meet those needs. Many of our clients have found relief from chronic injuries and ailments, and even diseases such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. However, we are often met with an answer of “I wish I could afford to… use essential oils/buy nutritional supplements, etc.”

In the past, we subscribed to this same mentality, but we chose to shift our paradigm concerning our own health and realized not only was it possible to afford products and therapies that improved our health, but it was also exceptionally worth it.

We are given one body in this life, and it sad to think that so many of us abuse, take advantage of, and neglect such a precious gift. We work so hard to have all the best things in life -the most beautiful car, house, TV, jewelry, clothes – tell me, why don’t we each strive to have the best health possible, too?

All it took to change the perception of “we can’t” to “we can” was the decision to truly value ourselves and realize that it is imperative to invest in our health to live the lives we desire – healthy, prosperous, rewarding, and joyful lives. We came to a realization that our bodies, our careers, and our futures were each dependent on us devoting more time, energy, and yes, money, into our health.

We assessed our situation and realized that by merely changing where we spent our money, we could “afford” to buy the healthy products we desired. Our change was threefold; we replaced our medicine cabinet with the highest quality essential oils, “greened” our self-care and house cleaning toronto, and invested in nutritional supplements that we knew were effective and natural.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each year trying to find the “right” OTC drug to help this sinus condition or that stomach upset, we bought a set of therapeutic-grade essential oils that not only treat common conditions such as headaches, heartburn, menstrual cramps, scrapes and burns, and even fevers and coughs, but also prevent us from ever getting sick – period. As a result of this switch, we are never in the doctor’s office and are stronger and more vital in our everyday lives.

Instead of buying toxic self care and home cleaning products at a large chain superstore, we bought safe, effective, and enjoyable essential oil-based products which last twice as long and do not damage our bodies or our environment.

Instead of buying juices, coffee, and energy drinks, we chose to wean ourselves off of those addictions and instead invest our money in an amazing antioxidant drink unlike any other we have come across. Every day we drink an ounce or two of this essential oil-enhanced supplement and know we are preventing illness, disease, free radical damage, inflammation, macular degeneration, arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, cancer, memory loss, and digestive issues while improving our muscle mass, energy levels, and mood. With research supporting the results, we are confident that investing in this supplement will greatly benefit our health.

This idea of transfer buying comes down to working with the same budget, but making better choices. It is easy to do but requires knowing where and how to redirect that spending. There are many products available in the supermarket, online, and even in health food stores that claim to be healthy, but are not full-disclosure companies, and thus leave out certain ingredients on their product labels. They can do this because in the US it is not required to fully disclose all ingredients on personal home care products.

Here are some hints for finding products you can trust:

Look for a company that prides itself as a full disclosure company and adheres to the strict labeling guidelines of the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI).

Look for products labeled “plant-based” which are derived from actual botanicals, not synthesized in a lab.

Products should be safe.  Avoid labels that include toxic substances such as DEA, Propylene glycol, SLS/SLES (sodium laurel sulfate/ sodium lauryl ether sulfate), Talc, alcohol, or aluminum.

Environmentally responsible companies will use plant-based ingredients, conservative and recyclable packaging, and will not test on animals.

Once you have found a company you trust, investing in yourself is as simple as changing your mindset. Believing that you are worth the money you spend on your health comes from valuing your body and learning to truly love who you are. Start putting the health of you and your family first – become a wise consumer!

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