The mistakes that you also make when cleaning the kitchen

Let us recognize that cleaning the kitchen is one of the most boring domestic tasks and that requires more time. Among other things, keeping the kitchen clean is not an easy task since we are talking about one of the rooms in the housekeeping Barrie where we spend the most time and what we use the most.

It is often said that the life of a family is done in the kitchen, becoming the meeting point for all members of the household. In it we meet for breakfast, lunch and dinner while we discuss what we have or how the day has gone. A high activity that, above all, requires special care at the time of cleaning the home.

After telling you about the 9 most dirty places in your kitchen and how to clean them, it’s time to talk about the mistakes we make when we clean the kitchen. In the blog of PopSugar have compiled a selection of advice “in reverse” about how to clean the kitchen: instead of repeating what we all know, have highlighted the mistakes that the vast majority of people commit at the time to clean the kitchen.

In this post we will explain the most frequent mistakes when cleaning the kitchen and how to solve them. In this way, you will eliminate all the germs and bacteria present to keep this place as clean as possible. Let’s see if you feel identified with any of the following seven points:

Do not clean the dishwasher. This appliance saves our lives and saves us having to wash the dishes, cutlery, glasses and other utensils by hand. A very useful function but also requires maintenance and care. To clean the dishwasher, remove the trays and spray the interior with a specific liquid or with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. It is also convenient with a damp cloth to clean the door and the sides. It does not hurt to take into account the 11 things you should never put in the dishwasher.

Use the rags to clean stains to dry the dishes. This is one of the most frequent mistakes when cleaning the kitchen that we carry out. Too often we use the same rag to remove the remains of dirt as to remove the remains of water that remain in the kitchen utensils, without realizing that we are carrying the accumulated bacteria from one place to another.

Do not clean the refrigerator. We often forget to pay attention to where we store food at an adequate temperature. In this sense, it is recommended to clean the refrigerator between once and twice a week to eliminate the remains of food and food that may have accumulated.

Do not remove stains from pots and pans. When cooking, remains of food remain in the part of the pans and the pots that are most in contact with the fire. For this reason, it is advisable to clean the stainless steel kitchen utensils with baking soda and a slightly damp cloth in order to eliminate the marks of burns that have remained.

Do not clean the sink. Another serious mistake when cleaning service the kitchen is not paying attention to the scrubber, being one of the sites that accumulate more dirt. It is best to spray baking soda and rub with a wet sponge to remove all traces of food, grease and dirt.

Do not clean countertops. On top of these surfaces we deposit bags, meals, kitchen utensils, plates, cutlery, and a long etcetera. That is why it is very important to pay attention by cleaning it with suitable products so as not to damage them.

Do not remove the remains of food in the strainers. To solve it, once we finish using it, we will put it under the tap so that the hot water can take the remains that may have remained.

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